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Okfa yachting is in gulet cruise business for more then 15 years.

General manager Feride is the brain behind all the operations in Turkey and has immense expertise when it comes to chartering gulets in Turkey.

However sometimes the best description of a company can come FROM SOMEONE OLSE.

In this case you can read more about OKFA YACHTING AND GULET CRUISES IN TURKEY and how this compares to Croatia from this short and fun interview with CEO of company Goolets from Slovenia, Mitja Mirtič.

I am truly happy I visited Croatia recently as I have seen the main differences between Croatia and Turkey. We talked about this recently however now I would like to ask you – how do you see the main differences?

Turkey of course has much more to choose from. 1.000 gulets in Turkey or 50 gulets in Croatia is a huge difference. That is why you can get a gulet similar quality in Turkey cheaper than in Croatia.

Turkey has amazing coastline and lots of history while Croatia has more than 1.000 islands and tons of small medieval towns to visit.

In Turkey it is also possible to combine it with Greece, which is great news – to see 2 cultures in a single week.

For people that cruised in Croatia before – and are now going to Turkey – what would you suggest them?

One of the most important things on a gulet is not the size of the cabin – but the quality of the crew. Before you book a gulet in Turkey be 100% sure that at least the captain speaks fluent English. It can be a real pain to try to dicuss with captain about best places and he has no idea what you are talking about.

Pay more attention to planning before you go on a cruise.

In Croatia LAST MINUTE SEASON is much more calm as the availabilities are scarce due to small number of vessels. In Turkey the LAST MINUTE can be a bloodbath between owners and prices can go down to much…however clients are already realizing that if the discounts are to high – the quality of food, route and services will suffer.

We are really good partners for several years. What is your opinion on OKFA Yachting? Please be honest Okfa yachting is our long term partner and we are truly happy to work with Feride. The amount of effort she puts into helping her clients find the best options for them is amazing.
And the effort she takes to assist their clients while they are ON THE CRUISE is also legendary.

We hope we will keep this relationship for many many years in the future.

I am also happy to say she is one of very few Turkish partners that actually visited us in Slovenia.

We always get such an incredible Turkish Hospitality every time we visit Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and other places to meet with our partners and inspect gulets that it truly feels to give something back from time to time.

Hope you have enjoyed this short interview.

If you are interested to charter a gulet in Turkey or in Croatia we will be glad to help us.

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