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How to Get Visa ?
Please check if your passport is valid at least for 90 days. Generally your stay will be limited up to 3 months as a tourist. You can buy your tourist visa at the Turkish airport BEFORE passport control. Each passport holder including children should purchase the visa.

How To Spend Time ?
During the day, you cruise ( and sail ) for few hours, approach land and drop anchor in a solitary bay, alongside a small village or off an island for lunch/ dinner. At every stop, (there will be at least two per day), there is the opportunity to swim, fish, snorkel, windsurf, sunbathe, take a trip ashore or just read under the shade of the awning.

The accent is on relaxation and recreation.

Your friendly attentive crew; Captain + Cook and Sailor will make sure that you are comfortable, well fed and entertained.

What to Bring ?
Our guests are notified that they will be spending most of their time in a bathing suit. For land trips, a pair of long, light trousers and a shirt are advisable. Evenings may be cool, certainly during the earlier and later months of the year, so it would be wise to bring a pullover and a windbreaker.
We also suggest you pack in your beach towel and plenty of suncream.
We suggest you bring your belongings in a collapsible bag, rather than a suitcase, as bags are much easier to stow away, and also serve to limit how much you pack! You may like to bring a light day pack for excursions ashore. Normal street shoes are definately not acceptable on board of a yacht... We suggest you to bring soft-soled shoes for getting around on deck.

Hairdryer / Electric Shaver On The Boat
The boats have a 220V electric system. Plugs are European style round pin. Buy an adapter and a transformer if you need before arrival. Deluxe boats generally have a hairdryer as standard. Please note, it is also possible to charge mobile phone batteries.

Internet Connection
Deluxe Gulets usually have internet connection. If you need internet connection during the cruise please check with us the probability. You can also connect through your mobile phone, or purchase an mobil modem from Turkey upon your arrival. All you need is your passport to apply.

Booking & Contract
We kindly suggest you have a conversation with us before you make your final decision. As we know the yachts, routes and the crew we can make supporting and friendly suggestions.
Once you make a final decision we will send you a legal contract specifying the terms and conditions of the charter for your signature. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further possible questions.

Upon the signature of the contract downpayment of the half of the total charter cost will be required. The remaining cost of the charter is to be payed in installments before boarding. These are the standard yacht chartering practice within the world.

Excluded / Included in the Price
Unless agreed otherwise ;
Yacht & crew rental, fuel (4 hrs cruise per day) transitlogs, harbour fees, yacht’s laundry and general use of water is included.
Food, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, VAT (18%), transfers, excursions, gratuity to the crew is excluded.

The magnificent coastline of Turkey that goes back in history to the Karians, Dorians and Lycians, is over 700 miles. Starting with the ancient town of Halicarnassus, today's Bodrum, the coastline offers a number of bays and historical sites like Cleopatra Island, English Harbour and Dorian city of Knidos (for which Praxiteles created his masterpiece, the Aphrodite statue). Many yachtsmen, delighted by the gentle, regular meltemi breeze, sail further south and reach Marmaris town, the so called "pearl" of theTurkish coastline.
The picturesque coastline stretches further south to reach the Gulf of Fethiye. Located in midway between Fethiye and Marmaris are the amazing Kaunos City and the turtle beach of Dalyan. Once in the Gulf of Fethiye you will find a hiding place just for yourself in one of the countless bays, as once did Cleopatra and Antonious. The charming towns of Göcek and Fethiye, and the famous tomb of Amyntas serve as the sign of things to come on your southeastwards course. An ancient Lycian port and Byzantine settlement called the Gemiler Island and the old Greek ghost town of Kayaköy will be on your port side while sailing from Fethiye to the well known Dead Sea ( Ölü Deniz ). From there on, the typical coastal towns Kalkan and Kaþ will be offering many treasures of history and nature. Other ancient Lycian cities are Letoon, Xanthos, Pýnara and Patara. You will find Kekova, another important Lycian territory, on your way from Kaþ to Finike, the leading citrus producers of Turkey. Here, in an area of 6 miles radius, you can visit ancient cities like Aperlae, Simena and Myra; you can take a look at St. Nicholas Church at Demre or you may simply choose to relax in one of the secluded bays of Kekova.
From Finike to Antalya, the coastline is well decorated with number of bays which all provide good shelter, pine forests and various antiquity like the eternal flame of Olympos and the fascinating city of Phaselis.
If you are interested to have an excursion just let us know before your arrival and we will arrange a professional guide and transfer for you with great pleasure.

In the unlikely event, if you have a complaint, inform the captain directly. Turks are known with their hospitality, the captain will do his best to fulfill your request. If you remain dissatisfied contact OKFA officials. We will make sure that you are satisfied with our services.

How To Fly To Turkey ?
There are many international flights available to Turkey especially in summer time. Your final airport should be Bodrum Airport (for Bodrum embarking cruises) or Dalaman Airport (for Marmaris and Gocek embarking cruises). You can check ; & sites for airline tickets or contact us if you need further assistance.

Provided they are accompanied by adults, children of any age are welcome to come along and will positively thrive in the warm waters of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean.

Snorkeling Equipment
It is actually advisable to bring your own snorkel. There are usually masks on board, however, you may like to use your own. Scuba diving equipment is not advisable unless you have booked a scuba holiday. There are areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean where scuba is prohibited.

Turkey is on the world wide digital telephone network. International GSM and cellular mobile telephones are also in operation. During cruise, in some areas you may have connection difficulties.

Temparatures (in Celsius)
April 22 16
May 26 19
June 28 21
July 30 23
August 33 25
September 30 23
October 22 21

The pricing of the private charter yacht is ‘’per boat’’ - not per person nor per cabin. So, if you choose a yacht for 12 people but your group consists of 6 people the total price will remain the same. The price depends on the size, capacity and quality (standard, lux, deluxe) of the yacht as well as the season (high / low).
Also also note that private charter bookings are on Saturday to Saturday basis. Especially in high season, weekly prices are charged even if the booking is less that 7 nights.

Repetitious Customers
Many of our customers travel with us time and time again. We are delighted to have such a loyal following, and as a small gesture of our thanks and appreciation, we offer a 5% discount on the total price of a tour to anyone who has travelled with us before. Why not take advantage of this discount and book your next tour today?

Using Air Conditioning On Board
Mostly luxury boats do have A/C . On a boat A/C can only run when generator is on, or in a harbour when connected to 220 Volt. But mainly you will be on anchor in bays, often next to a neighbour who doesn't like the noise of your generator and you wouldn't like it either during the night. So most of the boats have come to a gentlemens agreement not to disturb each other. Generally the usage of A/C is limited to 4 hrs a day due to above reasons to cool down the cabins. However, the smooth Northern breeze of the region will relieve you.

The yacht, crew and the guests are insured by the Owner & OKFA Yachting. However, our guests are recommended to get their own health and travel insurance before arrival.

Our experience has shown us the crew is as important as the yacht quality. Before the season starts we follow the crew as close as we follow the yachts and make sure that you are at good hands.

If you have enjoyed the kind and attentive service of the crew it is customary to extend a gratuity. Crew gratuities can normally be 10% of the charter fee, but can be adjusted up or down according to your level of satisfaction. The best way to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain.

The crew is trained to make you feel comfortable and will be friendly and willing to serve you. They are also experienced sailors and naturally they will have responsibilities in this respect. During cruise your tolerance regarding service is recommendable.

Water conditions in Turkish and Greek coasts are generally quite calm. But there can be times when weather blows up. If your are concerned we may suggest you to bring your pills with you. Some people find special wrist bands effective. There are also stick-on patches that can be worn on the skin behind the ear, but these are obtained by doctor's prescription only. Looking on the bright side, the body adapts after time. You can often avoid seasickness by staying busy and keeping your mind occupied with an activity that will keep you above decks. Look at the distant horizon rather than the water close at hand. Take deep breaths and drink plenty of water. The worst thing that a person can do is go below decks with no land or horizon to look at. Reading or staring at an object will assuredly bring on the affects of seasickness. To give you a relief until now our guests with seasickness recovered within a day and we did not have any serious case.
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